Anniversary Parties – Escape Room STL

Anniversary Ideas

Are you looking for a date night idea? Perhaps your anniversary is quickly approaching? Mastermind Room Escape provides the perfect anniversary celebration activity for couples of all ages. Whether you are throwing an anniversary party for your parents or taking your sweetheart for a night of fun, you will experience an evening to remember. By working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape from the room within sixty minutes or less, your anniversary party will be unique. You will be able to use the communication and problem-solving skills that you have acquired over the length of your relationship. Whether it is your first or your fiftieth anniversary, you will have the experience to remember!

Each escape room at Mastermind has a different theme that will completely immerse you in another time and place. No matter if you’re planning a birthday, family reunion, date night or anniversary party, we provide a unique way to spend your special occasion.

Escape Room STL Room Size

We offer rooms that accommodate two to twelve. For larger groups, we also offer competing rooms that hold up to eight each or you can reserve multiple themed rooms and just compete on time of escape. If you would like to schedule your anniversary party or an anniversary date for your darling, book now through our site!

Escape Room STL Location & Downtown Fun

We are conveniently located near the Gateway Arch. This means we’re in the middle of everything downtown STL has to offer. In addition to the escape room, you can walk around, enjoy shops and have a bite to eat!


2-12 60 mins 34%
St. Louis Escape Room

Cardinals Quest

Book Now (St Louis) Do you love baseball and mystery? Both come together in the form of the Cardinals Quest Escape Room. It’s the 7th inning …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 23%
St. Louis Escape Room

Creepy Lair

Book Now (St Louis) Your group has been taken hostage by a psycho serial killer. The Creepy Lair Escape Room is a high adrenaline group challenge t …

2-8 participants 60 mins 40%
St. Charles Escape Room

DaVinci’s Workshop

Book Now – St. Charles Save the Mona Lisa in DaVinci’s Workshop. Thieves are en route to DaVinci’s workshop to steal this famous …

2-10 participants 60 mins. 36%
Escape Room in St. Louis and St. Charles

Diamond Heist

Book Now – St. Louis Book Now – St. Charles Was “Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief” really about you? The Diamond Heist i …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 32%
St. Charles Escape Room

Electric Chair

Book Now – St. Charles Framed for a crime he didn’t commit – save your friend from the chair! The Electric Chair Escape Room is f …

2-10 60 mins 32%
St. Louis and St. Charles Escape Room

Elf Escape

Book Now (St Louis) Book Now (St Charles) Holiday Season Room The engine that makes the sleigh fly without Christmas spirit is on the fritz again. …

2-10 60 mins 32%
St. Louis and St. Charles Christmas Escape Room

Home Alone

Book Now (St Louis) Book Now (St Charles) ‘Tis the season for our Home Alone Escape Room. This is a fun, family-friendly activity full of sur …

2-8 participants 60 mins. 21%
St. Louis Escape Room

Secret Society

Book Now (St Louis) Secret Societies abound around the world. Have you ever thought about joining? In the Secret Society Escape Room, you find your …

2-12 participants 60 mins 31%
St. Louis Escape Room

The Castle

Book Now (St Louis) Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. Therefore, you must jump into action and fin …

2-12 60 mins 32%
St. Charles Escape Room

The Shed

Book Now – St. Charles Seriously, things are getting really creeping in here…the Shed. The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigat …