Creepy Lair: St. Louis Escape Room




60 mins.


2-12 participants



Your group has been taken hostage by a psycho serial killer.

The Creepy Lair Escape Room is a high adrenaline group challenge that will test your critical thinking skills and out of the box thinking. The scenario/mission for this difficult room is a hostage situation. And it’s not just any hostage situation. Rather, you have been captured by a psycho serial killer!

Here’s what you need to know…

First, your group is being held in the psycho killer’s creepy lair. Therefore, no one can hear you scream! So you’ll definitely get a creepy feeling when you are in this dire situation.  Hence the name for this room, Creepy Lair Escape Room.

Second, you find out that the psycho killer plans to torture and kill you with a drill. Fortunately for you, he broke his drill bit so he has to run to the store. This is your opportunity to escape from his lair! As he leaves for the hardware store your group jump into action.

So, just take a deep breath, try to keep your heart rate down, and work your way through the clues in the lair. You have 1 hour to escape the clutches of the creepy lair before he returns to finish his job… on you. Hopefully, you are quick enough to get out.

Because this is a creepy room, you should expect suspense from the experience and a challenge from clues in this room. Just feel free to let your imagination run wild.

This room is creepy and dingy but it is not meant to scare you. As such, the room has lighting and there are no live actors inside the room to frighten you.

Creepy Lair Escape Room Mission

Your mission is to escape the lair before the psycho killer returns from the hardware store with a new drill bit.

Escape Room Level

This is a difficult level escape room for groups.

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