Electric Chair: St. Charles Escape Room




60 mins.


2-12 participants



Framed for a crime he didn’t commit – save your friend from the chair!

The Electric Chair Escape Room is fun for groups with people age 8+. While the theme may be thrilling, the room is not morbid or scary.

So where does the electric chair come in?

To start, you learn that your friend has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Consequently, your crew must rescue him before he is executed by the electric chair!

You can’t even imagine how your friend is feeling. He is caught in a scenario that he didn’t create but has to confront and deal with or face the consequences. Therefore, he needs your help!

First, you must first break into his holding chamber to free him.

Second, you need to locate the false evidence planted by criminals in an effort to frame your friend.

Third, you must lay low and keep yourself out of the hands of the authorities.

You will need to work with your friends each step of the way. Or else, you run the risk of all or one of you landing in the same situation as your friend. Consequently, you don’t want to face the electric chair!

Besides, the stakes are high for your friend, the overall feel of the room is straightforward and like most challenging situations. You simply need to put in the work to overcome the challenge.

Finally, you must work quickly. As a result of your actions, the authorities will hold YOU accountable. Hence, you have the opportunity to save the day!

Electric Chair Escape Room Mission

Locate the evidence to free your friend. Save his life!

Escape Room Level

This is a medium difficulty level escape room for groups.


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