Electric Chair

Can you save your innocent friend from the electric chair?

Group Size:
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Kind of Creepy

“Great experience! We had our family of 11 come with ages 14-65 come! We escaped with 5 minutes left and had a blast! We were in the electric chair room! Strongly would recommend this activity for all ages and all groups! Great staff as well!”

~ Becky S on TripAdvisor

Your friend has been framed for murder. Rescue him before he’s executed on the electric chair in this exciting escape room!

Your friend is sweating on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. You’re the only one who can prove his innocence. But to get the right proof, you’ll need to go in deep in this exciting escape room. Once you start, there’s no turning back. Collect the evidence in time, and your friend walks free. Working with 2 - 10 friends, you have 60 electrifying minutes to sort through the evidence and find the proof you need to save your friend’s life.

Complete this exciting escape room and save your friend. Fail, and you’ll all be in for a shocking end.

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About Our Escape Room

Mastermind Room Escape is located in downtown St. Louis, MO, and St. Charles, MO. We offer escape rooms for everyone - all ages, interests, and tastes. We’re the #1-rated local escape room in St. Louis on TripAdvisor because of our one-of-kind rooms, high-adrenaline missions, and friendly, attentive staff.