Secret Society: St. Louis Escape Room




60 mins.


2-8 participants



Secret Societies abound around the world. Have you ever thought about joining?

In the Secret Society Escape Room, you find yourself both baffled and mesmerized. While researching an ancient secret society, you discover that they were researching YOU too.

While you were walking down the street, you were consequently and suddenly blindfolded. The researchers pushed into a van. Not to mention, the next thing you remember, you awake in an unfamiliar place.

Pause and take a deep breath.

Correspondingly, your surroundings are reminiscent of an old, medieval castle. You find yourself surrounded by numerous mysterious objects and symbols. You are mesmerized. Regardless, you turn around to see a heavy door behind you slamming closed.

As you try to grasp what is going on, you come across a letter addressed to you. The letter denotes that you have been locked within the chambers of a powerful secret society.

As a matter of fact, your only chance for escape is to complete the Initiation Trial successfully.

Secret Society Escape Room Mission

Your mission is to successfully complete the Initiation Trial. Not to mention, you will only have 60 minutes. Follow the clues before you are summoned to the cult’s High Priest. Then and only then, can you convince him you are worthy of his assembly?


This escape room can hold up to ten people as long as you’re all in the same group. Our Secret Society rooms are also available for head-to-head competition since the Secret Society escape room has a duplicate room. This will allow for groups of 16-20 to participate in the two rooms in a race with the clock and one another.

Contact the Mastermind Room Escape team to book the two competing Secret Society escape rooms in St. Louis.

Escape Room Level

This is an advanced difficulty level escape room for groups.


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