The Shed: St. Charles Escape Room




60 mins





Seriously, things are getting really creeping in here…the Shed.

The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances here in the backwoods of Arkansas.

While on your way to the area where the groups reportedly went missing, which is coincidentally in the area they are filming a movie called Deliverance, you get a flat tire.

Of interest, a few miles back you saw a little girl playing next to a shed, so you think to go and ask her and her family for some assistance. As you enter the shed, looking for the little girl, the door locks behind you.

You now realize YOU may be the next group to disappear in the shed.

The Shed Escape Room Mission

Escape the Shed! You and your friends are looking at each other with a heightened sense of concern. Deliverance was fun to watch but now it’s time to get to work getting out of here, together. With that said, everyone is sure to have a good time with this room.

Creepy yes, scary no….adrenaline rush, yes!


The experience of fun and adrenaline….can you escape the shed?

Escape Room Level

This is an advanced room and at least 4 people in the room is recommended, but certainly not required.

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