A Unique Team Building Experience - Try Escaping a Room!

It can be difficult to find a team building experience that suits the needs of everyone in your office. Escape rooms are unique team building experiences because you team up with various ages and physical abilities. Plus, no cell phones are allowed (we consider this cheating!) and you have to work together to escape.

At Mastermind Room Escape, you will have a unique team building experience for all your co-workers to boost their work performance with handy conference rooms and catering available.

4 Reasons Escape Rooms are a Unique Team Building Experience

#1 All Ages Activity

Escape rooms are for everyone in your office. If your office is anything like the typical office these days, you have people in their 20’s and people in their 70’s and everyone in between. There are moms and dads, grandparents, happy singles and people hoping to be parents someday.

It can be difficult to find a team building experience that unites, rather than reinforces who’s young and who’s old and who’s delightfully middle-aged. But throw everyone in a room together, with a theme and a bunch of hands-on puzzles to solve and everyone tends to have fun.

#2 Physical Abilities

At Mastermind Room Escape we recognize that people have different physical abilities. We know the physical abilities within your office probably vary greatly and believe it shouldn’t stop you from having a unique and fun team building. We’ve designed our escape rooms to accommodate different physical abilities.

We provide a unique team building experience because escaping the room is not a physical feat. Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, even just a chair or chairs for sitting can be accommodated in our escape rooms. You can feel free to let us know ahead of time and we will have the room set-up with your special requests. Or, just let us know when you arrive and we’ll help you get set-up before the timer starts. Either way, you can look forward to the puzzles requiring teamwork from everyone.

#3 Escaping Requires Everyone

Entering an escape room is like entering a space with a lot of moving parts (figuratively speaking and sometimes in reality). There are a series of puzzles that must be solved in order to escape. No one person can solve all the puzzles. No one person can sit back and just watch.

Escape rooms really bring out the best in people. Each room is designed to get your heart pumping so you escape within about an hour.

Solving puzzles require focus and effort. The groups that have the most fun, make sure everyone is included in escaping and depend on each other along the way.

#4 No Cell Phones Allowed

We know, it’s amazing that you can find just about any fact or solution at the touch of a button. We also know that it’s fun to figure things out as a team, even when it’s difficult.

Mastermind has escape rooms that range from easy to difficult. No matter what - no cell phones allowed! That’s right, cell phone use is considered cheating. Even though some of our rooms are rated difficult and not everyone escapes, we don’t allow any googling or texting while inside the room.

About Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind has up to 8 rooms at each location (downtown St. Louis & St. Charles) so you can run multiple rooms simultaneously, depending on your group size, as only a certain amount of people can go in each room at a time.

We’re happy to set-up catering and rent out our conference rooms to make the most of your unique team building experience. An escape room plus catered lunch or dinner is great for a half a day team building experience.

Book with us for your next team building experience. Check out our groups page for more information and to contact us to schedule your event. We’ll make sure everything is handled for you.