Home Alone

Ready to defend your home from the Wet Bandits?

Group Size:
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Not Creepy

“We had a group of six (high school, college, and adults). Had a blast cause everyone participated in solving mysteries!! of the Home Alone Room.”

~ Travel40141332425 on TripAdvisor

'Tis the season for our Home Alone Escape Room. A fun, family-friendly activity full of surprises everyone will enjoy.

**For our high-demand holiday rooms to be private, there is a minimum initial purchase of at least 4 spots (even if you will only have 2-3 actually playing). When making your booking, click the "book entire game" box. This will ensure only your group is in the game. If you want to add more people to your private game after your initial booking of at least 4, please call us and we will get your other players added. You can see more about booking your private game and our other enhanced safety procedures HERE!**

Just imagine, it's Christmas Eve, and your family has left you at home. The Wet Bandits are here trying to get your stuff...and YOU! You must defend your home in the Home Alone escape room! You've set the traps, and now you're ready. Your mission is to access the phone security system to call for help before the bandits take out their revenge on you. You've got 60 minutes to celebrate Christmas and save your home with 4-10 festive friends while you attempt to save yourselves in this medium difficulty escape room. 

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