Stadium Scare

Can you disarm the bomb before it goes off during the game?

Group Size:
Up to 12
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Not Creepy

“Pre-game fun! My family of 4 with 2 teenagers and their grandparents went on this adventure. It was very difficult, but we had a lot of fun. We did the Cardinals’ theme room before the game.”

~ Kimberly H on TripAdvisor

Can you save the stadium?

**All rooms are private. Due to the game play of this room Stadium Scare always has a minimum of at least 4 people. On top of that, the minimum increases to 5 people during peak holiday season times. To see an overview of pricing & minimums per day, CLICK HERE and note that THIS non-holiday room ALWAYS has at least a 4 person minimum due to game play. For more info about booking your escape room, how the minimums and pricing work, age limits, etc.,  CLICK HERE!**

Stadium Escape Room Scenario: During a sold out game at the stadium, a maniacal character takes you and your friends hostage. He locks you in the bowels of the stadium and tells you a string of bombs will detonate in 1 hour minutes if not disarmed by your team.  To quench his thirst for twisted entertainment, he tells you where to start but not exactly how to turn it off. Working with up to at least 4 and up to 10 teammates and 60 heart-pumping minutes, can you disarm the bomb and save the crowd in time?

Complete this medium difficulty stadium escape room, and the city will thank you. Fail, and and the stadium (and whatever is in it) will be destroyed.

This game is just a rename of Cardinals Quest. So if you have played that, choose another escape room as this will be the same puzzles. Any Cardinals fan will really like this game as it features a lot of Cardinals history and memorabilia!

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