Secret Society

Will you survive the trials of a Secret Society’s initiation?

Group Size:
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Kind of Creepy

“Great competition and challenging fun. We had two teams from work compete against each other in the Secret Society rooms. Great team-building outing and the winners were very proud!”

~ jheine2018 on TripAdvisor

You poked your nose where it doesn’t belong and got more than you bargained for. Now, will you be initiated, or eliminated in this suspenseful escape room?

**All rooms are private (your group only). Call if you need to add more people after you've made a booking. **

You and your friends have been researching an ancient secret society, only to make the startling discovery that they’ve been researching YOU! Soon after making your discovery, you find yourself kidnapped and locked in a room deep within the walls of a medieval castle in this suspenseful escape room. Your only chance for escape is to complete the Initiation Trial successfully. Work together with your group of 2 - 8 initiates to find the clues and solve the puzzles. You’ve got 60 minutes to escape the room.

This challenging escape room is full of twists and turns to keep your adrenaline pumping the entire time. Escape and everyone gains membership in the secret society. Can’t complete the Initiation Trial? Face elimination.

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Bonus: Head-To-Head Competition Rooms

About Our Escape Room

For large groups that want to split up for some friendly competition, head-to-head challenge rooms are available for Secret Society. Each room can hold up to 8 players. Which group will pass the Initiation Trial first?

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