Creepy Lair

Can you escape the psycho killer to live another day?

Group Size:
Up to 12
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Kind of Creepy

“We thoroughly enjoyed everything about our Creepy Lair Escape Room experience. The room was just creepy enough and the puzzles were just difficult enough and lead interestingly from one to the other. Great time!”

~ lar0712 on TripAdvisor

You’ve been captured by a psycho killer in this creepy escape room! His instrument of torture? A drill. Can you escape from his lair before he returns to start the job?

**All rooms are private. Minimum initial purchase for this room is 3 people Sun-Fri (even if only 2 people actually going to play) and 4 people Saturday. If you want to add more people past the minimum, you can come to the front desk as soon as you get here and add them. For more info about booking your escape room, how the minimums and pricing work, age limits, etc.,  CLICK HERE!**

A psychotic serial killer has locked your group inside his creepy lair in this escape room. He plans to kill you, but only after a few rounds of cruel torture...with his drill. Luckily for you, his drill bit has broken, and he’s gone to the hardware store for a new one. This is your chance! Take a deep breath, and work together with your group of up to 12 fellow captives to escape the lair before the killer returns in 60 minutes

This challenging escape room is a creepy scenario of life or death. Escape and everyone lives. Can’t break out before the psycho killer returns? Everyone faces being tortured to the last breath.

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