Christmas Escape Rooms


Join the holiday tradition with your family and friends at one of our famous Christmas escape rooms!

Christmas escape room St Louis St Charles

Our Christmas rooms are back & prime times will fill up fast! 🎄 Elf Escape, Home Alone, & our newest Merry Grinchmas rooms are now available for booking starting November 3rd!

Holiday Time Pricing: Our Christmas escape rooms are $35 per person. The minimum initial purchase requirement (the number of tickets you must by in order to reserve your private room) for our rooms varies on different days from Nov-Jan, our busiest time of year. For a calendar of the daily minimum initial ticket purchase requirement per room, how our pricing works, age requirements, and more, see our Holiday Pricing Page here. 🎅🏻

Merry Grinchmas - St. Charles Only

It's Christmas Eve and ever since the grinch's heart grew 3 sizes, he has been the host of the village celebration! However, today, while he was getting ready for the party, you hear a loud rumbling and realize his mountain has had a cave-in and the Grinch is trapped in his own cave. The "mean one" is running out of air and if he doesn't get out, the celebration and Christmas will be ruined forever. Your mission is to get the grinch out of his cave and to the party before it's too late! You've got 60 minutes to save the grinch and celebrate Christmas with your festive friends in this medium difficulty escape room. 

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Home Alone - St. Charles & St. Louis

Just imagine, it's Christmas Eve, and your family has left you at home. The robbers are here trying to get your stuff...and YOU! You must defend your home in this fun, holiday escape room! You've set the traps, and now you're ready. Your mission is to access the phone security system to call for help before the thieves take out their revenge on you. You've got 60 minutes to celebrate Christmas and save your home with up to 10 festive friends while you attempt to save yourselves in this medium difficulty Christmas escape room. 

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Elf Escape - St. Charles & St. Louis

The engine for Santa's sleigh is on the fritz again. Your Christmas friend and his dad are fixing it as quickly as they can, but they may not finish in time. So, they need your help in the Elf Escape room to get the sleigh going the old-fashioned way: with Christmas spirit! Hurry to gather all of the elements that make the holidays special and unlock the Christmas spirit…or the toys won't be delivered this year. You've got 60 minutes to save Christmas with up to 10 festive friends in this medium difficulty escape room. 

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Our Christmas escape rooms fill up every year for the days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years so book your groups' spot now to get the day and time you want.