DaVinci’s Workshop

Can you save the Mona Lisa from the thieves?

Group Size:
Up to 8
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Easy - Medium
Escape Rate:
Not Creepy

“We had a group of 15 and split up to compete against each other. We had a blast! Can’t wait to do come back and try another room soon!”

~ MindyF77 on TripAdvisor

Thieves are on their way to steal the Mona Lisa right now! Can you get to the painting first and save DaVinci’s greatest work of art in this St. Charles escape room?

**All rooms are private. Minimum initial purchase for this room is 3 people Sun-Fri (even if only 2 people actually going to play) and 4 people Saturday. If you want to add more people past the minimum, you can come to the front desk as soon as you get here and add them. For more info about booking your escape room, how the minimums and pricing work, age limits, etc.,  CLICK HERE!**

The year is 1519. Leonardo DaVinci has just received word via carrier pigeon that thieves are en route to ransack his workshop and steal the Mona Lisa in this St. Charles escape room. On hearing the shocking news, the artist is pleading for somebody…anybody…to save his famous painting. Working with your team of up to 8 heroes, you have 60 exhilarating minutes to get the masterpiece to safety before the thieves arrive.

Complete this beginner-level escape room to save the painting, and DaVinci will reward you handsomely. Arrive after the thieves and the Mona Lisa will be lost forever.

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