Cursed Castle

Can you save the kingdom from eternal darkness?

Group Size:
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Escape Rate:
Kind of Creepy

“Castle Escape! We loved Mastermind room escape!! What an Awesome time!! I would highly recommend this for Family, Friends and co-workers!! Definitely challenging & great for team building!!”

~ Busybee301 on TripAdvisor

Trouble is afoot in the Cursed Castle escape room! Can you lift the curse and save the kingdom from eternal darkness?

**On Saturdays, this room has a minimum initial purchase of at least 4 spots (even if you will only have 2-3 actually playing).  All rooms are private (your group only). Call if you need to add more people after you've made a booking. You can see more about booking and our safety procedures HERE!**

You all are loyal knights of a benevolent kingdom returning from a faraway journey. As you approach your town, you see dark, ominous clouds. You arrive to find your castle eerily dark, quiet and sealed shut. Local villagers have told you that no one has been seen going in or out for days. Recognizing the classic signs of an evil curse, you decide it is your duty to do whatever you can to lift it, but you won’t be able to survive inside the curse for more than an hour so you must move quickly. If you can lift the curse, you will save your kingdom, BUT if your kingdom will be plunged into darkness and you will be sealed inside the castle forever. You have 60 minutes – Good luck!

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