Can you escape before it's too late?

Group Size:
Up to 8
Time Limit:
60 mins.
Medium - Advanced
Escape Rate:
Kind of Creepy

***This room requires some physicality for a short period of time.***

**All rooms are private. Minimum initial purchase for this room is 3 people Sun-Fri (even if only 2 people actually going to play) and 4 people Saturday. If you want to add more people past the minimum, you can come to the front desk as soon as you get here and add them. For more info about booking your escape room, how the minimums and pricing work, age limits, etc.,  CLICK HERE!**

Room Scenario:

You’ve recently landed at the airport to start your vacation when a seemingly generous stranger offers to give you a free ride and you happily accept. Unfortunately, his kindness was part of a sinister, well-organized plan.

Now, feeling groggy, you awaken in a warehouse -- finding yourselves blindfolded with trackers around your neck. It’s at this moment that you realize… you’ve been TAKEN. For what purpose YOU have been taken is currently being decided by your captors, but organ sales, forced labor, or more illicit duties are their usual markets. Desperate, your group must work together to get out before they come back to start dispersing you for your new assignments around the world.

Working with up to 8 friends for 60 heart-pumping minutes, can you escape before it's too late?

Complete this medium-hard difficult escape room, and you and your friends will have a good story to tell. Fail, and you'll receive your next assignment and never see each other again.

Can you escape in time?

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"We’ve done multiple escape rooms at multiple locations and this one by far is my favorite!! Taken is a new one at this location and I have to say it was THE BEST ROOM IVE DONE!!!! There were so many elements and so many cool things involved in this room!!! 10/10 I recommend this room!!! I had to edit my old review to include this room because it was that awesome!!! Forever going to be a 5-star location." - Bill A.

"Went and did the room Taken! Was absolutely one of the better ones I’ve done! The experience was awesome! Really went and stepped it up with the beginning! Will for sure have you feeling like something is about to go down! The puzzles were awesome! And honestly was one of the best “escapes” at the end to get out I’ve done! Really awesome! Highly recommend! 5/5 for sure! I will be going back!" -Krystal B.

"The Taken room was sweet! Spooky and clever puzzles. A+." -John W.

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