Corporate Outing Ideas St. Louis

Going on a corporate outing can be exciting. It’s a day out of the office! Sometimes a change of venue is all that is needed to feel refreshed toward a challenging project. Here are corporate outing ideas, St. Louis edition:

Escape Room

Going to an escape room is an unusual mixture of familiar and new. You can expect to be in a room solving clues with your colleagues. There’s also a sense of intrigue because you’re immersed in a themed environment, like DaVinci’s Workshop or a Cursed Castle.

But escape rooms and escape room businesses vary significantly. Here’s what to look for in the best escape room for a corporate outing:

  • Competition Room - Does the escape room business offer head-to-head competition rooms? Yes, then this means the escape room has invested in making the same room twice, so everyone on your team can participate in your corporate outing. It's the perfect location for team building.
  • Many Room Options - Are there six or more escape rooms to choose from? Professional escape rooms have a believable, themed environment and created unique clues for you to move through the escape room activity.
  • Game Masters - Is your game master attentive to your group? Game Masters control the pace and clues of your gameplay. There’s a fine line between letting the group "figure it out" and providing just the right amount of information at the right time for the entire group to have fun playing the game. We're proud to say our Mastermind Game Masters are excellent and regularly receive positive reviews.
  • Other Related Services - Is there a conference room? What about catering? Some escape rooms offer escape rooms and nothing additional. But the best escape room businesses encourage your team to have fun in addition to the escape room. Ask Mastermind about onsite conference rooms and catering to make the most of your corporate outing.

Corporate Volunteering

There’s a time to have fun, and there’s a time to have fun by helping people in your community. Teams that make the extra effort to help people outside of the office tend to enjoy working with each other genuinely. 

You have a job. You have a team of people that you spend a lot of time with during the week. Everyone has unique skills and abilities. Why not put everything that you are grateful for toward helping people in need in your community. 

Whether it’s collecting coats during cold months, making a donation to a selected cause, or serving a warm meal to homeless people in your community, good deeds go a long way. Plus, you might learn something new about a teammate in the process of doing good in the world.

Cooking Class or Group Pot Luck

Nothing brings people together quite like food. If you’re the type of office that always has a sweet treat in the workroom, then consider taking a group cooking class or hosting a pot luck. 

The fun thing about food is that it typically leads to learning a little something new about someone. Maybe someone is trying to eat healthier so they can run a 5K. Or perhaps someone has a dish that their grandparent taught them to cook and you get to see how important family is to that person when you share a meal.

Plus, food can be a fun way to learn about how people live. Does your VP eat a fruit that you’ve never heard of? Did your CEO grow up eating Slovakian food in the midwest? Is that guy Ryan a vegan, and why? 

The point is, food brings people together and gets most people sharing without being overwhelmed or feeling forced to share something personal just because a facilitator says they have to participate.

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