Best Escape Room in St. Louis

Mastermind Room Escape is the best escape room in the St. Louis area. Many escape rooms say they are the best but Mastermind is the #1-rated escape room by people on TripAdvisor.

There are several reasons we are the best escape room, including:

Escape Rooms with Variety & Quality

#1 Variety of Rooms - We have 10 different escape rooms at two locations, downtown St. Louis and St. Charles. None of our rooms are scary and all are family-friendly.

#2 Quality of Rooms - We are a small family-owned business. It turns out, our family loves escape rooms! We've designed and created these rooms ourselves.

#3 Good Value - You will have an amazing, heart-pumping experience for $28/person.

Competition Escape Rooms

#4 Competition Rooms - Most escape room businesses don't have competition rooms but we do at Mastermind. Competition rooms offer the option for two teams of people to compete against each other while playing the same room simultaneously. Yes, we've built the same room twice in order to have competition rooms.

Groups Welcome

#5 Team Building - Unlike most forced team-building activities, escape rooms offer a fun, interactive experience accessible by your entire group.

"Our leadership team selected this event as a team building event in combination of a Holiday Party. All the team members participating were engaged. While not every team member had the answer to every clue, it created an environment where everyone contributed and all the teams Escaped!!" - sam26052019 on TripAdvisor

#6 Small Groups Welcome - It's often difficult to find the perfect spot to have fun together when you're part of a small group. But small groups have been finding their way to Mastermind since we opened and we really enjoy adding to small group adventures like bachelorette parties and birthday parties.

"The concept of Mastermind Room Escape was new to me and my family. This experience was a gift, and is likely to be one of my favorite presents for a long time. We had 11 total participants, 8 from my family ranging in age from 12-53 years old. The puzzles were many and diverse. The problem solving methods were difficult enough to require lots of communication and teamwork. I really enjoyed the puzzle variety; all were mentally challenging, some were visual, and some were cognitive.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and able to contribute to the problem solving required to escape the rooms.  We'll definitely do this again! I was glad to hear they change themes and puzzles on a regular basis. Don't be intimidated by a "scary" theme. This is not what I'd consider a spooky or gory experience. Rather, it's appropriately set up to provide an environment to support the backstory told at the beginning of the challenge." -VisitMOFish on TripAdvisor

#7 Convention Center Groups Accepted - Convention planners recommend Mastermind because we're dependable and do a good job accommodating groups from out of town. We welcome people visiting from out town and know we are the perfect compliment to conference activities.

We're really proud to be the best escape room in the St. Louis area. Book a room in St. Louis or St. Charles.