Family Escape Rooms - All Tastes & All Ages

When you're looking for something fun to do with your family, you're looking for something everyone will enjoy. Family escape rooms that have plenty of different kinds of rooms and are family-friendly can be challenging to find. But not in the St. Louis area - Mastermind Room Escape is here to serve you.

As owners of Mastermind Room Escape, we understand, we're part of a large family ourselves. Beyond running an escape room, we also visit other escape rooms and plan family adventures together year-round. That's why we run Mastermind in the way we do. We have family escape rooms for all tastes.

Plus, Mastermind is rated as the #1 escape room on TripAdvisor because people like Bart say, "We had the best time, the Diamond Heist was a blast! My three kids 16,14, and 9, and I all enjoyed the puzzle challenges. Thanks to our awesome gamemaster Jimmy! Highly recommended!"

Favorite Family Escape Rooms

  1. Diamond Heist - The largest diamond in the world is almost in your reach. Do you have what it takes to grab the treasure and get out before the police arrive in this heist escape room? Working with your team of 2 - 10 crooks, you have 60 heart-pumping minutes to get the diamond before the police arrive.
  2. DaVinci's Workshop - Thieves are on their way to steal the Mona Lisa right now! Can you get to the painting first and save DaVinci's greatest work of art in this St. Charles escape room? Working with your team of 2 - 8 heroes, you have 60 exhilarating minutes to get the masterpiece to safety before the thieves arrive.
  3. Cardinals Quest - If your family loves baseball, then this room is for you. The Cubs are in town for a Cardinals baseball game. It's the seventh inning. The score is tied. In this Cardinals baseball escape room, the stadium goes dark. Working with 2 - 10 teammates, you have 60 heart-pumping minutes to get the lights back on before the officials call the game and move it to Chicago.
  4. Christmas Escape Room - Available during the Christmas season, Home Alone Escape Room and Elf Escape, are extremely popular family escape room adventures.

And just in case you are wondering, Is there an age limit? Yes. Due to the nature of the games, children under the age of 8 won't be allowed in the escape room unless you buy all the spots in the room. Children ages 8 to 16 will require at least one adult chaperone (at least 18 years of age) with them in the room.

10 Family Escape Rooms

We have ten family escape rooms at Mastermind Room Escape. None of our rooms are scary. Some rooms, like the Cursed Castle, might be better for teenagers but honestly, you know your family members best, and none of our rooms are scary on purpose. You should choose a theme like art, (DaVinci's Workshop Escape Room) or sports (Cardinals Quest Escape Room) and pick a room based on a topic that you like. We have two locations, downtown St. Louis and St. Charles. Check the room specifics to choose the right location for you and your family.