Kid Activities: Top Places to Take Kids in the St. Louis Area

The St. Louis area is one of the best places in the U.S. to enjoy kid activities. We outlined our top places to take your kids below. Some spots are made just for kids. Other activities are ideal for the entire family. Some recommendations are internationally or nationally recognized for their excellence. Most activities are on the list because they met our criteria for fun.

Please note - We updated this list to reflect activities that are open post-COVID-19. With a little research, all of the kid activities listed below are open as of July 2020.

The Top 5 Kid Activities in the St. Louis Area

#1 Escape Room

Take your kids or all the kids in the neighborhood to Mastermind Room Escape in St. Charles or St. Louis. Mastermind is the #1 fan-rated escape room in the entire area. Known for their attentive game masters and well throughout clues, this is an escape room for all tastes. Mastermind has so many rooms that you get to choose what's best for your kid activity outing. Choose to be a Diamond Heist or step into DaVinci's Workshop with a group of kids. Or check out all of Mastermind's escape rooms.

Visiting an escape room doesn't take all day. Escaping the room takes an hour; there are a few minutes prior to starting to prepare and a few minutes after you escape (hopefully) to take a few photos. Then it's up to you to decide what you want to do.

Are you looking to visit Mastermind Room Escape this July 2020? Use code SUNNY20 for $6 OFF each ticket Tues-Fri. Don't forget; you can book a private room by following these directions.

#2 City Museum

Always a "work in progress," the City Museum is a kid activity for kids and the young at heart. Built originally and currently by artists, this warehouse is full of spots to explore and enjoy by kids of all ages. Basically built as a curiosity playground, the owners and artists say, "City Museum is not done, and it won't ever be."

We especially like following the clue throughout the treehouse section of the City Museum. There's a secret door, which isn't the most surprising part of the experience!

#3 Saint Louise Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo boasts over 13,000 animals representing 555 species. They have babies born regularly, including a baby elephant that arrived in July 2020. It's been over 27 years since an Asian elephant was born at the zoo, so you should see him now as a baby and check-in as he grows. You can learn about the 22-month pregnancy leading up to birth, what elephants eat, and more.

There's a lot to learn at the zoo. The staff is accommodating and good at answering kids' questions. You might even be offered an overnight stay, or a peek into what it takes to work at a zoo.

#4 The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

Everyone loves being surrounded by butterflies and beautiful exotic plants. The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House is a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden. It's named in honor of the wife of Sam Sachs, who helped establish Chesterfield.

Kids can learn about the entire life cycle of the butterfly. In addition to being surrounded by live butterflies, you'll enjoy indoor and outdoor gardens that support the various species of butterflies. It's an experience to behold.

#5 The Magic House

Boasting over 60,000 square feet of fun and exploration, The Magic House was specifically made for kids to run and explore. Known as one of the best places around for field trips and camp-ins, this place is so fun that many families join as members so they can explore regularly.

We're looking forward to the "Wild Kratts: Creature Power!" exhibit coming in late autumn of 2020. In addition to kids benefit from the STEM-related curriculum and learning, we want to explore the secret lives of extraordinary creatures.

Please let us know at Mastermind Room Escape what kid activities you like the most in our community. We're always looking for fun recommendations!