Fun Activities for Families - Perfect for All Ages!

What are the best activities for families to have fun?

What a great question and one that we're well prepared to answer.

We love getting together with our family at Mastermind Room Escape. We're a family-owned business. So finding fun things to do after spending so much time together "at work" makes a family outing even more special for us. With so many options in the St. Louis area, we're proud to be a location for family outings, and we're happy to share a few of our successful family outings.

Our list of fun activities for families focuses on outings that are ideal for all ages.

The Best Activities for Families

#1 Escape Rooms is a Fun Activity for Families

Mastermind Room Escape is the perfect place to take your family. There are escape rooms for everyone. None of the rooms are scary. The Game Masters are super helpful and engage everyone. Mastermind is the #1-fan rated escape room in the St. Louis area rest assure that you're in good hands.

Escape rooms generally take an hour. Image, you show up, you're greeted by the staff and say hi to all your family members. Then you're escorted to your chosen room. Don't forget to make reservations. You can even find Christmas themed escape rooms like Elf or Home Alone for the winter months.

You don't have to travel far to find a local escape room. With that said, we really love escape rooms and travel all over the United States for escape room game action. We're always happy to host families and find families with a common interest in escaping.

#2 Making a Time Capsule is a Fun Activity for Families

Sometimes it's challenging to get everyone together at the same time. Making a time capsule is an activity where everyone can participate without having "to be in attendance."

Ask everyone to bring something unique to a family meal for a family time capsule. Ask everyone to RSVP and if they can't attend, ask them to drop something off before the gathering so it can be included. While everyone is together, take a few photos of the family and the items together. Try to include the date and time in the photo, so you don't forget when you put everything together. Then seal all the items together in a capsule of your choosing. You can choose to dig a hole in the ground for the capsule, just don't forget to dig it up if you move. Most people just prefer a closet or a corner of the basement to store the capsule. After 15 or so years, pull out the capsule at a family gathering and enjoy everything from the capsule.

We promise, this time capsule thing is super fun plus it has a touch of mystery like the escape rooms above. Believe us; you forget what's inside!

#3 Geocaching is a Fun Activity for Families

Geocaching is way easier than it sounds. It's basically taking a walk with a keen eye on finding something specific.

People have been geocaching for decades, so there are plenty of exciting spots to find. Some locations even have "treasure." You can use your cell phone or a GPS to find spots referred to as caches. To be a cache, someone must place a waterproof logbook at a specific location, and the site must be listed in a directory of geocaching. These lists can be easily found online, search "geocaching near me," and you'll find spots all around you—Orient yourself for fun with geocaching.

These are the top 3 activities for families in the St. Louis area. We hope you have as much fun as we do with our family!