Things to Do in the St. Louis Area

There are many things to do in the St. Louis area. Whether you are looking for things to do for all ages, a date night, inside or outside, there is plenty to take in any time of year.  Our list is organized by these categories:

  1. All Ages and Family Friendly
  2. Date Night

We kick off our list with something that fits both of these categories and is our "go-to" activity when we're looking for something fun to do with family and friends or want a fun date night.

Things to Do for All Ages & Date Night

Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind Room Escape has two locations in the St. Louis area, including downtown St. Louis and in St. Charles. This locally-owned business has various escape rooms, all of which can be enjoyed by everyone in your family or group. Even if you've played a specific room before, play again because the owners are always changing up the clues and making improvements. This attention to detail and quality customer service has made Mastermind Room Escape the #1 escape room in the area based on fan feedback on Trip Advisor and Google.

Special Note: The Christmas Holiday season is especially fun at Mastermind Room Escape because they have two holiday escape rooms. The Home Alone escape room and Elf escape room were inspired by the movies. The clues are challenging, and not everyone escapes, but everyone leaves with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts.

The holiday escape rooms at Mastermind Room Escape are a holiday tradition.

Things to Do for All Ages

In addition to Mastermind Room Escape, here are our recommendations for things to do with your entire family.

St. Louis Walk of Fame

This walk of fame was made to honor people who have positively contributed to the St. Louis area. It's entirely outside and accessible at any time. It's fun to learn new things. This little walk of fame has plenty to teach you plus it might help you answer a clue or two at Mastermind Room Escape.

Forest Park

The entire Forest Park area is packed with things to do. This area is home to the St. Louis Zoo and several museums. It has several more acres than Central Park so bring your comfy shoes to explore everything available.

Pi Pizzeria

Pi Pizzeria has several locations around the St. Louis area. You will find the best pizza at Pi, it's actually award winning pizza! Plus, the atmosphere is family friendly and fun for everyone. So grab your crew and head out for a slice.

Things to Do for Date Night

In addition to Mastermind Room Ecape, here are our recommendations for things to do for your next date night.

St. Louis Are Museum

Let's face it, we all enjoyed the art museum when we were young, but too few of us enjoy art museums as adults. Date night is the perfect time to visit the art museum. It's peaceful, you can talk while enjoying exhibitions passing through town or something from the permanent collection.

Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Bailey's Chocolate Bar is an award-winning martini and dessert bar. Sounds too good to be true for date night? It's not. It's the perfect place to please your taste buds, enjoy a conversation and sip a martini.

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park is a preserved Victoria Park. It's the perfect spot for a walk through wooded areas that are beautifully maintained. The park hosts regular performances that are always interesting and can't been seen anywhere else in the region. Download their interactive map to your phone to make sure you don't miss anything.

As you can tell, we're big fans of what we do at Mastermind Room Escape but we also enjoy sharing everything that the St. Louis area has in terms of things to do! Book an escape room and feel free to ask us questions about any of the recommendations above. We love introducing local and tourists to the St. Louis area.

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