Best Escape Rooms in the USA

This post is for everyone who loves escape rooms! In fact, we're focused on the people, like us, who travel around the country and try rooms in all parts of the country.

As owners of Mastermind Room Escape, we really love escaping and traveling with our family. This means we play escape rooms across the country regularly. We'd love to share with you all the details of our experiences, but we know better. Why? Well, if we tell you all the best escape room clues, we'll spoil the fun for you. Instead, we want to encourage you to play the best escape rooms across the county without any spoiler alerts.

Best Escape Rooms in the USA

We've compiled a list of the best escape rooms in the USA for you based on a few factors. We turned to Tripadvisor to see what escape room fans have to say and how they rated different escape rooms. Second, we focused on locally owned escape rooms with 1 - 3 locations. Why? They're most like us at Mastermind Room Escape, and we love locally owned businesses. Third, we focused on the creativity of the rooms and chose unique room themes. For example, heists are popular themes. We know we have a Diamond Heist room. It's terrific and one of our most popular rooms. But when you play escape rooms regularly, it's fun to try a new theme. We'll provide examples below.

#1 Mastermind Room Escape

Rated #1 in the St. Louis area on TripAdvisor, Mastermind Room Escape has two locations - downtown St. Louis and St. Charles. There are various escape rooms to choose from, so check both locations for details to find the room you want to play. Mastermind is well known for it's Christmas escape rooms and unique clues created by the in-house creative crew. The Secret Society escape room is the most loved room for advanced players. This room was created by the owners to be challenging for escape room enthusiasts from across the country. Another locally-themed option is Stadium Scare. This escape room is based on the downtown STL stadium where the Cardinals baseball team wins.

#2 Escape Artistry

Escape Artistry works with local artists in Chicagoland. Known as the original escape room in the area, it won Tripadvisors Travelers' choice award in 2020. There are two locations, the Railcar and Time Gallery. We think the Roaring Dan's Pirate Dungeon is the most creative theme because it incorporates local Lake Michigan and incorporates local history. We love when escape rooms create themes with a local flair unique to their location.

#3 The Escape Room Indianapolis

The Escape Room Indianapolis is owned by a husband and wife team that loves escape rooms. They're so committed to escape rooms that they have a Chief Escapitect who regularly designs and improves rooms. We think the variety of rooms available is a real draw. The most creative room is Space: 2112. Who doesn't love space travel? Apparently, many people do, as this escape room has 5 stars on TripAdvisor with 4,575+ reviews.

#4 The Escape Game - Orlando

The Escape Game has several locations across the county but it's on our list for a reason. The Orlando location got on our radar because it's #2 on Tripadvisor for family entertainment after Epcot World Showcase. Isn't that something, ranking #2 after a world-class and internationally known brand and entertainment center? We think the Special Ops: Mysterious Market room is the most creatively themed room at the escape game. It's unlike anything we've seen in our travels.

Visit the Best Escape Rooms in the USA

There you have it, the best escape rooms in the USA. Add these escape rooms to your cross-country travels, and let us know what you think. Stop by Mastermind Room Escape, book an escape room, and have the time of your life trying to escape everywhere you go.