Exciting Escape Room Themes

Everyone knows escape rooms are exciting places. Your heart starts pumping faster and faster as you figure out the clues in time to escape. And those game masters, they give you just enough information to keep you going but not the answer! They're both fun and frustrating (but in a good way). It's all a big game, and we enjoy each moment of the experience. This brings us to the topic of today's article, exciting escape room themes.

Exciting Escape Room Themes

Escape room themes vary from location to location all across the US and world. You want to choose something that everyone in your group is going to enjoy.

Creepy Lair Escape Room Description

Some groups like creepy themes. For example, here's one room's description:

A psychotic serial killer has taken your group hostage! This escape room offers a high adrenaline group challenge that will test your critical thinking skills and out-of-the-box thinking.

Does trying to escape from a psychotic serial killer sound fun to you? Then this type of creepy escape room theme is perfect for you and your group.

Choose Your Escape Room Group Wisely

Why do we keep referring to your group? A group of people most enjoys escape rooms. Sometimes 2 people play in an escape room, and that works for them. But most people like to have 8 - 12 people in their group. When you have this many people, everyone can help solve the clues. The more minds, the merrier when it comes to escape rooms!

Setting Themed Escape Rooms

A different take on an escape room theme is to choose a unique place as the setting for the escape room theme. For example, a castle is a terrific location for an example room. Don't expect to be in a real castle. We don't have too many of those in the US. Do expect a room decorated like a castle. A unique setting will often inspire the theme of the escape room.

The Castle Escape Room Description

Here's an example of an escape room set in a castle theme:

Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. Jump into action and find the crown, or the Evil King will control all the land! Have an affinity for all things medieval? This is the escape room for you. Dungeons and Dragons has nothing on this room.

Seeing how so many people have played and continue to play Dungeons and Dragons, we're sure this one is a hit.

Heist Themed Escape Rooms

In case you missed it, heist movies are an entire genre of movies. Think “Entrapment,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” and “Heat,” these are top-earning movies. Similarly, heist-themed escape rooms are trendy. All it takes for a good heist-themed escape room is money or an expensive item to be stolen, and you're off solving clues to retrieve the item. Heist escape rooms are generally ideal for all age groups.

Christmas Escape Rooms

Finally, everyone loves Christmas. It's the time of year that rolls around, and everyone celebrates (at least in the USA). Christmas is also a time of year when people gather with family and friends. Because of this, groups of people are often looking for something fun to do together. That's where Christmas-themed escape rooms come into play. If you're looking for some good old-fashioned fun, then a Christmas escape room is perfect for your group.

Help! How Do I Pick The Right Escape Room Theme?

Have no fear; you can learn more about picking the right escape room for your group here. Consider how many people are in your group. What level of creepiness everyone is comfortable with for the room. And the difficulty level. Some escape rooms are easier than others. Finally, pick a theme that feels right for you and your group. Step into the room and have fun. We hope you escape!