Winter Fun in St. Louis

Winter fun in St. Louis abounds with indoor and outdoor activities that last the entire season. It's cold outside, but we're staying warm inside at Mastermind Room Escape. We're plotting new rooms and welcoming visitors. Use promo code SHIVER22 January 21, 2022 - March 1, 2022, and save 15% off Tues-Thurs with us.

Since everyone seems to be attempting to stay warm like us but also wants to enjoy a little bit of the winter fun, we've pulled together our favorite activities for winter fun in St. Louis.

Indoor Winter Fun in St. Louis

Mastermind Room Escape

We're having a blast with every visitor this winter. Our game masters are ready to support you with clues fresh from recent training that we held a few weeks ago. You and your group can starve off any chills being using the promo code SHIVER22 January 21, 2022 - March 1, 2022, and save 15% off Tues-Thurs with us. Book an escape room today.

See a Blues Game

The Blues experienced a few schedule delays in December. The revised schedule is out, and the season is shaping up to be an exciting one. Head on over to the arena to catch a game.

Visit Cathedrals & Heritage Sites

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is the best-known cathedral in St. Louis, and it is not to be missed. It's also a heritage site. One of many hundreds of heritage sites in the area. Experiencing the heritage of our region has recently been made more fun with the release of the book STL Scavenger Hunt. The author is a local tour guide.

Play Pickleball

Our owners love playing pickleball when they aren't busy creating new escape rooms. So many people have started to play pickleball recently that it's trending nationally, and new indoor playing areas are popping up everywhere. Vetta Sports has various locations, free lessons, and open playtimes.

Outdoor Winter Fun in St. Louis

Go Sledding

Sledding is the most popular outdoor winter activity because it's accessible to most people. Some people sled in their yard or at the nearby park. Our local park system has plenty of options, including Art Hill, which is the most popular in front of the Art Museum. Sioux Passage Park is a county park in Florissant. It's a designated winter sports area where you can snowmobile, cross-country ski, and ride sleds.

If there isn't snow, but you want to go sledding, try tubing at Hidden Valley with manufactured snow in their Polar Plunge Tubing Park.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is readily available in the St. Louis area. One of the most popular spots is Steinberg Skating Rink. There's also Winterfest at the Arch, which is usually open until the end of January. The Loading Dock Bar & Grill Ice Rink is an area transformed into an ice skating rink for the season. If you choose a local pond or river spot, make sure you check the thickness of the ice and read all signs in the area for hazards.

Winter in the Woods Festival

The Winter in the Woods Festival celebrates everything about winter, including our favorite, maple sugar. This free family event takes place Saturday, February 5, at Rockwoods Reservation in Wildwood and is hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Enjoy Winter Fun In St. Louis & Visit Us

We hope you enjoy winter 2022 as much as we do. Stop in Mastermind Room Escape and attempt to escape any of our rooms. Don't forget to Use promo code SHIVER22 January 21, 2022 - March 1, 2022, and save 15% off Tues-Thurs with us.