Spring Break in St. Louis

Are you looking for something to do for spring break in St. Louis? We're here to help. As locals, we know the St. Louis area is the place to have fun and visit family while you're celebrating spring with a bit of time off from college, work, and school.

#1 Mastermind Room Escape

We love Mastermind Room Escape; it's the #1 rated escape room in the St. Louis area. It's the perfect place to meet friends and family and have fun together. Mastermind offers an array of rooms ranging from creepy like the Secret Society to Diamond Heist to the sport-themed room, Stadium Scare. Serving groups from 2 - 12 or more if you want to face off in side-by-side challenge rooms, Mastermind is the perfect place to have fun during spring break.

#2 Union Station

Union Station has something to please everyone making it the ideal spot to meet up with your favorite people. Grab a bite to eat or your favorite drink. Ride the carousel, and visit your favorite undersea friends at the Aquarium. Or, if you want to have a conversation, sit at a comfy table and chat. Oh, and don't forget minigolf.

#3 City Garden

City Garden is one of the most photographed places in St. Louis. It's full of art, and all you have to do is walk around and explore everything. This city garden sculpture park is sure to please you and anyone you invite for a meet-up. Be prepared to take photos and pose in front of your favorite sculpture.

#4 Spa Treatments

Did you know St. Charles has a handful of spas? Get the perfect spa treatment to relax this spring break. You can even get a botanical-based spa treatment near the river. Although most people think of St. Charles as a sleepy river town, it has plenty to offer and is the perfect place to relax for the afternoon.

Spring Break in St. Louis 2022

It's been a wild ride lately, but there's still plenty of things to do in St. Louis. Most places are open and ready for business during spring break 2022. Have fun and relax while you take a break from your usual routine. Don't forget to visit us at Mastermind Room Escape in downtown St. Louis or St. Charles. We're ready with the best escape rooms in the area and enjoy seeing new and repeat customers!