Summertime Fun in St. Louis & St. Charles

Summertime fun is abundant in St. Louis and the St. Charles areas. Downtown has plenty to do year-round, but this time of year is perfect for families because we love our family-friendly here. Residents and visitors love these activities. Plus, you can go yearly, and it doesn't get old because there are always new exhibits and activities to explore at these national treasures.

Family-Friendly Summer Time Fun

St. Louis Aquarium

The St. Louis Aquarium sells out quickly, but it's worth making an effort to get tickets. Even though the aquarium is located in St. Louis, you get to "travel the world" with all the ways the exhibits focus on water. Fish, otters, jellyfish, coral, and sharks can all be experienced at this aquarium. Plan to spend an entire day at the aquarium. If you're from out of town, you'll want to stay a night or two, giving you time to explore a few other local spots.

Science Center

The St. Louis Science Center is an excellent spot to explore the world, from the smallest atom to dinosaurs to dark matter. Make sure to check out the center's website before visiting because there is so much to explore, and it's worth planning what you want to check out first and creating a few priorities. Access to the center is free, and there are tickets to experiences like the OMNIMAX® Theatre, Planetarium shows, and the flight simulator.

Magic House

The St. Louis Children's Museum, known as the Magic House, is all about hands-on learning. This museum primarily targets younger kids, but there's a little bit of something for everyone. The staff ensures they cover everything from Indian dance to star wars with the special events. The hands-on learning experiences are top-notch, perfect for learning and having fun.

Summertime Fun on a Hot Day (or Rainy Day)

Mastermind Room Escape

Completing an escape room this summer has many perks. First, it's super fun and memorable. With all summer's business, an escape room will stand out as a summertime highlight. Plus, it's the perfect summertime activity for fun, here's why:

  • No matter the weather, we're open. Stay cool inside and stay dry no matter the weather.
  • Same-day reservations are possible. Reservations are highly recommended, but there is usually same-day availability.
  • Visit our website 24 hours a day to see availability and book.
  • We have kid/student-friendly escape rooms. Specifically, we recommend the following family-friendly rooms - DaVinci Workshop, Diamond Heist, Stadium Scare ( it's Cards season!!! And we promise it isn't too scary, it's fun.)

    About Mastermind Room Escape

    Mastermind Room Escape is a locally owned family business started by escape room enthusiasts. Mastermind has built ten unique escape rooms, including competition rooms. From date night to corporate events, Mastermind is here to challenge you...can you escape?