Scary Escape Rooms

Scary escape rooms are popular all year long, but October is the most popular month for scary escape rooms. As it gets cooler in the St. Louis area, many people celebrate by attending autumn activities and celebrating Halloween by seeking out scary and fun activities. At Mastermind Room Escape, we have three scary (but not too scary) escape rooms to highlight for you this year. We typically rate our escape rooms on a creepiness scale ranging from not creepy at all to kind of creepy. These "kind of creepy rooms" are our scariest escape rooms because we're a family-friendly establishment. Depending on your group, we can "turn up or turn down" our scary/creepy level for your group. Just talk to your game master before you enter the room to get it right.

Scary Escape Rooms in St. Louis & St. Charles

Taken - Our Scariest Escape Room

Our Taken escape room is a medium-hard escape room based on the scenario that a not-so-kind stranger offers to help you at the airport, but kindness is part of a sinister, well-organized plan to harm you and your group. You don't know what will happen next with this room, and it starts with a surprise from the beginning. This is one of our newest rooms as of mid-2022, and it has been an absolute hit with all participants.

Scary Escape Room Reviews for Taken

"We've done multiple escape rooms at multiple locations, and this one by far is my favorite!! Taken is a new one at this location, and I have to say it was THE BEST ROOM IVE DONE!!!! There were so many elements and so many cool things involved in this room!!! 10/10 I recommend this room!!! I had to edit my old review to include this room because it was that awesome!!! Forever going to be a 5-star location." - Bill A.

"Went and did the room Taken! Was absolutely one of the better ones I've done! The experience was awesome! Really went and stepped it up with the beginning! Will for sure have you feeling like something is about to go down! The puzzles were awesome! And honestly was one of the best "escapes" at the end to get out I've done! Really awesome! Highly recommend! 5/5 for sure! I will be going back!" -Krystal B.

Is the Taken escape room for you? Watch the video for a preview and book online today. This room is available at our St. Charles location only.

The Shed: A Difficult & Creepy Escape Room

You're locked in a shed down a dirt road in the backwoods of Arkansas. Nobody will hear you scream from this creepy escape room. That's the scenario for our second scariest escape room. Only available in our St. Charles location, the Shed is highly rated by our regular players and escape room fans visiting from out of town. As one of our longest-running rooms, this escape room is beloved for its somewhat creepy feeling. Some might say that's weird, but people like to play this one a few times because it's a difficult room, and the escape rate is below 30%. Needless to say, this room has quite a few admirers.

Check out the video for a preview and book in St. Charles today.

Creepy Lair: Enter the Home of a Psychotic Serial Killer

Here's the scary scenario for this escape room - A psychotic serial killer has locked your group inside his creepy lair in this escape room. He plans to kill you, but only after a few rounds of cruel torture...with his drill. Can you escape the psycho killer to live another day?

The scariest escape room in downtown St. Louis, this room is extremely popular around Halloween. The room is perfect for groups of 3-12 and is ideally located downtown near bars and restaurants. Plus, all the fun near the Arch is within easy walking distance. Check out this video to preview this room and book in downtown St. Louis today. Don't forget; we're the #1 rated escape room in St. Louis.

Other Fun Autumn Activities in the St. Louis Area

Daniel's Farm & Greenhouses

The October Harvest event at Daniel's Farm & Greenhouses has everything you need to celebrate autumn. There's a giant straw maze, petting zoo, and more to enjoy with the entire family. Most activities are undercover so that you can stop by rain or shine.

Saint Charles Legends & Lanterns®

The Saint Charles Legends & Lanterns® annual event turns downtown St. Charles into a "ghost town." This event features a historical take on Halloween from the early 1900s, "...rituals and customs brought to the holiday by the Druids and Victorians."

St. Louis Beer Fest

Held after hours at the St. Louis Science Center, the St. Louis Beer Fest attracts locals and visitors alike. All the local breweries show up and stand side-by-side with a dozen national and well-known breweries. If you like beer, this is an event not to be missed in downtown St. Louis. Plus, your ticket allows you into the Science Center exhibits.

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