Escape Room Tips

Whether you're looking to break records and escape in record time or just want to have fun and escape, these escape room tips will help your group while you're in one of our escape rooms.

The Best Escape Room Tips

Split up the team and search for clues - Upon entering the room and starting the game, have everyone search for clues. Don't jump into solving right away; just get a sense of what clues you need to solve and collect clues on a table or the floor if you can move the clue around.

Look for obvious clues - Writing on the wall, items that are slightly out of place but fit the theme of the room, and locks are obvious clues. SKU codes, taking lights apart, and punching a hole in the wall are not obvious clues.

Pick a project manager - Choose someone on your team that is going to facilitate clues being solved and encourage communication. Your team's project manager's job is to use your time in the room efficiently by keeping track of tasks and who's working on what. They probably aren't going to be solving clues, but they will be helping the team move through the room.

Focus on immediate needs - Escape rooms are so much fun, and it's easy to go nuts when you're inside. The adrenaline is pumping, and it's easy to get distracted and forget what's most important. Here's an example:

You know you need to open a lock in order to access part of the room. Work backward from the lock because you know you're going to have to find the combination to open it. What type of lock is it? Does it require 3 numbers to open? Letters and numbers? If it's numbers, are they written on the wall? What other clues might give you the numbers to the combination of the lock?

Communicate when you've solved a clue - You're working in a team in order to escape. When you solve a clue, share with the group the result. It is more than likely related to a clue someone else is trying to solve.

Rotate who is solving what - Everyone escape room has one very difficult clue. If you can't figure it out, let someone else give it a go. Often, another person's fresh perspective leads the group to success. Don't break or dismantle items in an escape room. For safety reasons, stay away from electrical items and the ceiling.

Look for patterns - Escape room clues come in all shapes and sizes. If you see a triangle, square and hexagon, you're looking at shapes (the pattern). The shapes have sides, a certain number of sides - 3, 4, 6. These numbers might be a combination of a lock.

Stay organized - It's typical that escape rooms use one prop per clue. If there's a key to a lock, keep the lock and key together and add it to your pile of solved puzzles.

Other Tips

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