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Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure, challenging your wits and teamwork skills? Look no further than Mastermind Room Escape, where the thrill of escape rooms meets the excitement of solving puzzles! With locations in St. Louis and St. Charles, Mastermind Room Escape promises an unforgettable experience that will test your problem-solving abilities, bring friends and family together, and leave you excited.

We've rounded up customer reviews for each room to help you decide which room will be best for your group. Here's what our customers have to say:

Mastermind Room Escape Reviews

Creepy Lair

"This place is so fun!! My friends and I have tried all of their rooms, and the quality of the clues and the mental challenge it provides is outstanding! Nate and Alyssa have been great Gamemasters. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to pass the time with adventure and creativity." - Hanine A.

"My 15 yr old son and I tried the Creepy Lair and the Stadium Scare. Both were involved and well thought out in terms of design. They were tougher than you might expect. The gamemasters were both helpful, funny, friendly and cared about their work. Great place for some truly challenging and unique escape room experiences. Highly recommend and if it helps, go with a team of more than just 2 people, unless you're both really good!" - Nguyen G.

"Great group event!! My friends and I love escape rooms and wanted to do one while on vacation, but a lot were already booked out or too expensive, but mastermind was a perfect option! It had many room options (Creepy Lair is so fun if you like something more horror) all for an affordable price, and our game master was so helpful and fun!" - Emily G.

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Cursed Castle

"We had a fantastic time on our anniversary with the castle-themed room. Will definitely return!!" - Lily O.

"We went for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party and it was great! The host, was great and very friendly. We did the Cursed Castle room and it was amazing! I would definitely recommended to anyone." - Nicole B.

"40 seconds left in the castle room and we accomplished it! Very fun!" - Nick S.

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DaVinci's Workshop

"First escape room experience we did Divinci's Workshop and it was amazing. Staff made sure we knew what to expect and provided meaningful hints when we asked. All together an awesome experience that I can't wait until I get a chance to do again." -Andrew U.

"We had so much fun! The building was clean and the staff was well-trained + attentive. We did the Da Vinci Workshop room and had such a blast." - Julian K.

"We love this place! That have been so amazing the two times we came. They were very accommodating, and all of their rooms are so much fun! Nothing feels like too much of a stretch like some other escape rooms we have been to. Everyone is very kind and very creative!" - Molly S.

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Diamond Heist

"We chose the Diamond Heist. It was lots of fun. The puzzles created showed creativity. We were definitely challenged, although this was the first escape room experience for some of us." - Elizabeth P.

"This was a great team building experience for our blended family to do for a birthday outing. The Diamond Heist room was the perfect level of difficulty for the kids to be challenged, feel excitement when they solved clues, and escape with like 54 seconds to spare. The kids still talk about it days later and want to do another one." - Katie B.

"We completed The Diamond Heist and it was tricky but so good. The thing we liked about this escape adventure was that each clue led you to the next one, like a real treasure hunt. Very clever and well thought out! Our host was quick to help with the clues, very friendly and professional. Good times!" -Lagala P.

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Elf Escape

"We do an escape room every year to kick off the Christmas season! We have been doing Mastermind escape rooms for years. This was our second time doing the Elf Escape. Everyone loved it. Ages 8-59! We did grinch last year and we have also done home alone. Wonderful experiences! You will not regret it!" - Shannon L.

"We did the Elf themed escape room and it was so fun! One of the best ones we’ve done. All of the staff were very nice too." - McKenzie D-R

"What a great family event. The Elf room was perfect for our first escape room experience. Alyssa (our coordinator) was so sweet and fun. We can't wait to come back and try another room." - Diane L.

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Home Alone

"When in from Arizona to visit family, we've been doing escape rooms with my brother and his kids. We've tried 5 different franchises and 2 of our top 3 were at Mastermind-- Home Alone has been our very favorite, and Merry Grinchmas was super fun, too! Looking forward to Elf on another visit!" - Shelly R.

"We had a lot of run as an extended family of 9 - 5 kids ages 8-13 and 4 adults in the Home Alone room. Our game master gave us just the right amount of nudges to keep things moving and interesting. Definitely recommend!" - Christina B.

"Highly recommend for your events. We went this year for our holiday work party and everyone had a great time. And a special thanks to Alyssa who is fabulous." - Val C.

"We did the Home Alone escape room on Christmas Eve and it was a huge hit for our family! I was worried about how entertaining it would be for our group since we have children 9-10 years old, a teen, 40-somethings, and 70-somethings, but everyone LOVED it! Everybody there participated and figured out different pieces of the puzzle. So SO much fun! The kids all said this was their favorite Christmas 'experience' to date. We will definitely be back." - Gretchen U.

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Merry Grinchmas

"This was so much fun! We decided to start a new tradition of family escape room day during the Christmas season. That staff is wonderful! Loved this new experience!" - Julie U.

"SOO much fun! I did the Home Alone room with friends and Merry Grinchmas with family. Our 7 and 9-year-old sons loved it so much we just booked the Elf Escape! Three times in less than one month! The staff here is wonderful as well! Highly recommend! Makes for a great gift or bday party as well!" - Jeremiah L.

"Our family loves escape rooms and we have an annual tradition of doing one as a family every year at Christmas. We have done quite a few rooms in the area, but Mastermind never disappoints - the puzzles are clever and always have a fun twist - doors that open, additional rooms- it’s always really fun. If you are looking for an escape room, I highly recommend them." - Mike R.

"My wife and I booked one of the Christmas themed rooms for a unique date day and had a blast navigating the challenges. We're not professional sleuths by any means, but we found it a fun balance of challenging and rewarding!" - Aaron O.

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Secret Society

"For this being my first escape room, it was definitely an amazing experience. Our game master Alyssa was the absolute best! She made sure we were having fun while also not making it to easy for us! I recommend the secret society room, it was so much fun with lots of twists and teamwork." - Xander S.

"Really really excellent experience at Mastermind! We've played 10 different escape rooms at 4 different companies, including every Mastermind room, and these are the best. The staff is excited about what they do, and they are constantly re-evaluating and tweaking their puzzles. Fun riddles that are faithful to the theme, and decent production value. Out of the rooms at this location, Secret Society was my favorite, but it's also the most difficult. Least favorite was probably the Castle, but it was still a very interesting, challenging room." - Annie W.

"We are experienced escape room players and were looking for some challenging rooms. We played The Castle and Secret Society rooms and had a great time! The rooms were well thought out and flowed well. The staff members were super friendly and professional. We'll definitely be back." - Marci C.

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Stadium Scare

"This was our first experience with an Escape Room. We did the Stadium Scare. It was family friendly and so much fun! Our Game Master was helpful, funny and made our first experience one that everyone enjoyed. We escaped and we were able to disarm the bomb and save all the people in the Stadium :)" - Angela K.

"Did a team building here in the Cardinals Stadium room. Was good fun, the hour flew by. Staff were great, friendly and helpful. Would recommend Mastermind Room for family, friends or a work event." - Matthew E.

"My husband and I took my son, daughter in law, 3 grandchildren ages 8 - 12 and we did the Stadium Scare. Was so much fun and everyone was able to work together and participate!! Very creative clues with a wide variety of puzzles to solve. PS. We won!!" - Ruthie K.

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"This was my Christmas gift to my family and was a wonderful experiencing for our all! We did the Taken room and loved it. We made it out with seconds to spare, and it was the perfect level of challenge for us. All the puzzles and locks and clues were very well thought out and fun. Highly recommend mastermind escape to anyone!" - Grace H.

"Mastermind Escape Room is AWESOME! A great team full of passionate people, the room we did was Taken and it was phenomenal! We highly recommend it!" - Sara S.

"My crew and I had an awesome time! The Mastermind crew did a great job setting up a great room and experience for us!" - Terry W.

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The Shed

"We really enjoyed our time at mastermind escape rooms! It was over 100 degrees that day, so we were looking for a fun indoor activity! We came for one and ended up doing two!! We did the shed and taken! Both GREAT! We also were delighted with the customer service! The employee helping us, Max, was so nice and helpful! Would recommend!" - Caitlyn R.

"As a team building event, we decided The Shed was the perfect escape room for our teams. It did not disappoint. We were able to relate several parts of the experience to our work and how we could improve. Max was excellent. We could not have asked for a better experience." - Cheryl H.

"We love this place! That have been so amazing the two times we came. They were very accommodating, and all of their rooms are so much fun! Nothing feels like too much of a stretch like some other escape rooms we have been to. Everyone is very kind and very creative!" - Molly S.

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Mastermind Room Escape has mastered creating unforgettable experiences that blend immersive storytelling with brain-teasing puzzles. Whether you find yourself in the mystical realm of "Cursed Castle" or facing the challenges of "Creepy Lair," each room promises an adventure filled with emotion, camaraderie, and the sweet taste of victory. Book your escape room today at Mastermind Room Escape and prepare to unlock a world of fun and excitement!

About Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind Room Escape is a locally owned family business started by escape room enthusiasts. Mastermind has built various unique escape rooms, including competition rooms. From date nights to family outings to corporate events, Mastermind is here to challenge you...can you escape?