Corporate Team-Building Pricing

Team-Building Pricing & Rooms

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  • The price is $28 per person (some seasonal room prices per person are higher).
  • We will do everything we can to start as many rooms as possible at the same time to keep your group moving at a timely pace, and then once those rooms have played, we will start round 2 of games.
  • If you don’t buy out all the spots in a room, others could book in with you. So we always recommend to at least buy out all except one space in the room.

Room Sizes and Types:

  • Groups above standard room capacity will be split into more than one room.
  • You can see all our escape rooms, their missions, and their standard room capacities for each room on our rooms page or download the room info .pdfs  below.

St. Louis Location Escape Rooms Info

St. Charles Location Escape Rooms Info

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