Corporate Team-Building Pricing

Team-Building Pricing & Rooms

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  • We offer DISCOUNTED group pricing for groups of 13 or more. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the main “Groups” page, email or call us (see our “Contact Us” page for contact information) with your approximate number of participants for our special group pricing.

Booking Info:

  • Most corporate and large team building happens during our off-hours. So if you have a large group, head to our Groups page to fill out the information form or call or email us to see if we have availability during times not shown on the schedule.
  • We will start all of your groups rooms within a few minutes of each other, except if you have more than 65 in your group.  In groups of 65 or more, give us a call for options for running through 2 sets of games.
  • If you don’t buy out all the spots in a room, others could book in with you. So we always recommend to at least buy out all except one space in the room.

Room Sizes and Types:

  • Groups above standard room capacity will be split into more than one room.
  • You can see all our escape rooms, their missions, and their standard room capacities for each room on our rooms page or download the room info .pdfs  below.

St. Louis Location Escape Rooms Info

St. Charles Location Escape Rooms Info

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