Home Alone: St. Louis and St. Charles Christmas Escape Room




60 mins





‘Tis the season for our Home Alone Escape Room. This is a fun, family-friendly activity full of surprises everyone will enjoy.

Are you looking for a really fun activity for the holiday season? Book this room and defend “your home” from potential intruders…and save Christmas!

This holiday room is especially perfect for the Thanksgiving-New Year’s season. With an experience full of holiday cheer and adrenaline, this Christmas-themed room will be an amazing memory for all in your group. A Mastermind visit can also complement other community holiday displays and activities.

Wondering what to expect? Just imagine, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re home alone. The Wet Bandits are primed and ready to try to get your stuff…and YOU, you must defend your home. You’ve set the traps and now you’re ready. Your job is to stay in one piece, get access to the phone security system to call the cops for help and get out before they take out their revenge on you.

Are you ready to take on the mission?!

The Home Alone Escape Room Mission

Dodge the robbers inside your house and get to the phone to call for help! Defend the house until help arrives.


Our Home Alone Christmas room is open during the holiday season at both our St. Louis and St. Charles escape room locations. While the max number of people listed is 10 for mixed groups, the St. Charles location can hold up to 11 people and the downtown St. Louis Elf Escape rooms can hold up to 11 people. Just call ahead to add the extra people so that we can schedule your escape room appropriately.

Escape Room Level

This is a medium difficulty level escape room for groups.

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