DaVinci’s Workshop: St. Charles Escape Room




60 mins


2-8 participants



Save the Mona Lisa in DaVinci’s Workshop.

Thieves are en route to DaVinci’s workshop to steal this famous art piece forever and you must stop them.

In DaVinci’s workshop at the Mastermind Room Escape in St. Charles, DaVinci is working away on his latest invention.

Far ahead of his time, he pondered geometry, animal science, and mathematics to a level that perplexes us even today.

However, he receives word via carrier pigeon that thieves are en route to ransack his home. In light of hearing this shocking news, DaVinci pleads for somebody…anybody…to save his greatest masterpiece, the Mona Lisa.

Mastermind created a room that centers around his most infamous work of art: The Mona Lisa. You get to focus on an amazing piece of artwork while having escape room fun and excitement.

The DaVinci’s Workshop Escape Room Mission

Your team will be tasked with getting into his workshop, locating the Mona Lisa, and escaping the room before the thieves arrive. Because there is no telling what the thieves will do with you should you still be in the workshop when they arrive, you better hurry!

Bonus: Competing Rooms

Additionally, this Mastermind escape room can accommodate two teams of eight in the identical DaVinci escape rooms (each can hold 8). Therefore, your two teams will be able to go head-to-head in a competition to not only beat the clock but also each other.

Contact the Mastermind Room Escape team to book the two competing DaVinci’s Workshop escape rooms in St. Charles.

Escape Room Level

This is a great room for beginners and small groups.

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