Spring Break Ideas St Louis

Spring Break Ideas for Families. It’s spring break! Make the most of your time with a fun and thrilling adventure at Mastermind Room Escape. Perfect for friends, families, and coworkers, our St Louis escape rooms are adrenaline-inducing and help boost your teamwork and communication skills. Together your crew can save Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa, flee from a psycho serial killer, recover the good king’s crown, go on a diamond heist, and more! You’re invited to browse our current escape room themes or view our availability to book your escape with Mastermind!

Whether you want to test your puzzle solving skills or are looking for a night of fun, we have everything your group needs to ensure you have a blast at Mastermind Room Escape! Ideal for birthday parties, anniversaries, date night, family reunions, and more. Our escape rooms are interactive environments that have been developed to create a realistic adventure experience. We currently offer eight different room theme options at our St. Louis location and 3 different room themes (with more being added as we speak) at our St. Charles location. All of these escape room themes vary in concept and experience level. Regardless of if you’re a master or a beginner escape, you will definitely enjoy spending your spring break with us.

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2-12 60 mins 34%
St. Louis Escape Room

Cardinals Quest

Do you love baseball and mystery? Both come together in the form of the Cardinals Quest Escape Room. It’s the 7th inning stretch in a tied ga …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 23%
St. Louis Escape Room

Creepy Lair

The Creepy Lair Escape Room is a high adrenaline group challenge that will test your critical thinking skills and out of the box thinking. The scen …

2-8 participants 60 mins 40%
St. Charles Escape Room

DaVinci’s Workshop

In DaVinci’s Workshop Escape Room at the Mastermind Room Escape in St. Charles, DaVinci is working away on his latest invention. Then he rece …

2-10 participants 60 mins. 36%
Escape Room in St. Louis and St. Charles

Diamond Heist

Was “Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief” really about you? Mastermind Room Escape has created an escape room just for you and your tre …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 32%
St. Charles Escape Room

Electric Chair

The Electric Chair Escape Room is fun for groups with people age 8+. While the theme may be thrilling, the room is not morbid or scary. So where do …

2-10 60 mins 32%
St. Louis and St. Charles Escape Room

Elf Escape

Holiday Season Escape Room Our Elf Christmas escape room if the perfect fun addition to your holiday plans.  This room is great for families, frie …

2-10 60 mins 32%
St. Louis and St. Charles Christmas Escape Room

Home Alone

Holiday Season Escape Room You must defend your house! Are you looking for a really fun activity for the holiday season? This holiday escape room i …

2-8 participants 60 mins. 21%
St. Louis Escape Room

Secret Society

In the Secret Society Escape Room, you find yourself both baffled and mesmerized. While researching an ancient secret society, you discover that th …

2-12 participants 60 mins 31%
St. Louis Escape Room

The Castle

Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. Therefore, you must jump into action and find the crown. Above …

2-12 60 mins 32%
St. Charles Escape Room

The Shed

The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances here in the backwoods of Arkansas. While on your way to …