Better Than the Movies - Solve the Puzzles and Escape the Room

Immersive Game Play for You and Your Friends

Are you looking for something to do in the St. Louis and St. Charles area? Perhaps you have planned a date night or meet-up with your friends? Try an escape room.

You can go to the movies, sure, but you won’t get the interaction between each other that you will get while escaping a room at Mastermind Room Escape.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with family and friends, even co-workers, you should try Mastermind Room Escape.

Escape Room Puzzles Are Unique & Creative

Our rooms are an escape from the same-old boring activities. It's fun to go to the movies but if you go too many times it becomes boring no matter the movie.

Imagine a themed room that contains a bunch of puzzles that you have to solve together to win and escape the room.

At Mastermind Room Escape we’re in the business of creating unique puzzles so you can have fun with your friends, family and teammates.

What if, instead of staring at a screen, you are interacting with each other. In fact, you have to depend on each other to solve the puzzles so you escape together.

Our puzzles are unique. So unique that we're highly ranked by escape room gurus who travel North America solving puzzles.

Escape rooms are a popular form of group entertainment because you, and your friends, are immersed in a puzzle-solving environment.

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We Have a Themed Story, Decor & Environment

Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-pumping themed environment. We have a variety of rooms, including:

  • Diamond Heist - In this room, you have to solve the puzzles to find the diamond.
  • Creepy Lair - It’s not overly creepy but it’s just enough to get the heart pumping.
  • Cardinals Quest (STL only)- For our sports-loving fans, this is the ideal escape room. Yes, this room focuses on our favorite local team but it’s terrific for all baseball fans and people who like to track all those spots stats.

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Escaping Requires Group Interaction

Whether it’s a night out with friends, family or co-workers, escape rooms offer the opportunity for you to interact with each other. At Mastermind, we think interaction is really fun and the more the better.

We know there is plenty of family-friendly entertainment and team working activities out there. Our escape rooms offer a unique opportunity to spend time together doing something fun in an immersive environment.

Mastermind Room Escape is located in downtown St. Louis and St. Charles. We’re easy to get to and we’re the top-rated escape room near you as ranked on TripAdvisor.

People come to Mastermind Room Escape because they are looking for something new to do. Even if your group has escaped before, we have a portfolio of rooms that provide a new environment and different puzzles for your group to solve.

Escape Rooms in St. Louis and St. Charles:

  • Rooms are interactive
  • Our rooms are unique and creative
  • Mastermind’s rooms are highly rated by escape room gurus
  • We provide fun in a themed live environment

Get your adrenaline pumping while having fun at Mastermind Room Escape today!