Christmas-Themed Escape Rooms

At Mastermind Room Escape, we have three holiday-themed escape rooms this year (2023), including:

  1. Home Alone Escape Room
  2. Merry Grinchmas Escape Room
  3. Elf Escape Escape Room

Our Christmas-themed escape rooms are especially popular from November - January. We make it easy for you to make reservations online. Choose your location, St. Charles or downtown St. Louis, and we'll ensure we're ready for your group when you arrive.

About Christmas-Themed Escape Rooms at Mastermind Room Escape

All Mastermind Room Escape's Christmas-themed escape rooms:

  • Are family-friendly (everyone age six and up must pay)
  • Run active play for 60 minutes
  • Fill up fast; reservations are typically required (weekdays generally are not as busy as weekends)
  • Fit 4 - 10 people (Or we can add a few more if you call us or let us know when you first arrive)
  • Cost $35 per person and require minimal group participation
  • Add Christmas cheer to everyone's lives

New for 2023, we're introducing Holiday Room Super Saver Days in St. Charles only for the 1st 3 Mondays in December. We're doing this for those who may want to play with a smaller group and those who want a more budget-friendly option. On these Mondays, the holiday rooms will only be $29 per person and only a four-person minimum. You can see this pricing reflected on the booking page for those Mondays. Only a select number of games are available.

About Merry Grinchmas

It's Christmas Eve, and ever since the Grinch's heart grew three sizes, he has hosted the Whobilation celebration! However, today, while he was getting ready for the Whobilation, there was a cave-in, and the Grinch is trapped. Your mission is to get The Grinch out and to the Whobilation before it's too late! Available in St. Charles.

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About Elf Escape

A fan-favorite escape room: Elf Escape! It's Christmas Eve, but the engine that lets Santa's Sleigh fly is on the fritz again. Buddy and Papa Elf don't think they'll be able to fix it in time for Christmas, so they need your help to get the sleigh flying the old-fashioned way: with the Christmas Spirit! Do you have what it takes to save Christmas? Available at both our St. Louis and St. Charles locations.

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About Home Alone Christmas-Themed Escape Room

A fun holiday escape room for kids and adults alike! Just imagine: It's Christmas Eve, and you are home alone. The Wet Bandits are primed and ready to try to get your stuff... and you! You've set the traps, but now you must make it out alive and get to safety. Can you get out of there before they take out their revenge on you? Available at both our St. Louis and St. Charles locations.

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About Mastermind Room Escape

We're a family-owned and operated business. We love seeing you each Christmas season and are thankful to have the opportunity to help your family enjoy the season's joy. Finally, thank you for supporting our small business as we navigate the cost of keeping rooms private, paying our staff, and running our sites! We are grateful to you!