Family Activities

Family Activities

Are you looking to participate in a family activity that will provide an unforgettable experience? Take your family on the adventure of a lifetime by booking a visit to Mastermind Room Escape in St Louis or St Charles. Our ever-evolving room escape themes are guaranteed to excite and intrigue everyone! Your family may decide to take on the task of rescuing a friend who has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, stealing the world’s largest diamond, saving the Mona Lisa, or a variety of other quests!

You can also split up into two competing teams in our competing rooms. The two escape rooms we have that offer a competition setting option are to see who can save the Mona Lisa or which team can complete the Initiation Trial and escape the secret society first! No matter what theme you choose your time spent at Mastermind Room Escape will be nothing short of memorable.

If you and your family decide to split into two groups, Mastermind Room Escape can accommodate anywhere from 16-20 people (8-10 per each room depending on theme). If you plan on bringing along small family members, please keep in mind that children under 8 years of age will not be permitted unless you book out the entire room. Children 16 and under will have to be accompanied by adult ages 18 or older. Our escape rooms make excellent family activities that push players to work together, communicate, and solve hidden puzzles and mysteries which ultimately lead to the safety of your team! Make your way out within 60 minutes or less or meet your fate.

2-12 60 mins 34%
St. Louis

Cardinals Quest

It’s the 7th inning stretch in a tied game of Cards versus Cubs, and the lights in Busch stadium have just gone dark. Being the huge fans tha …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 23%
St. Louis

Creepy Lair

Your group has been taken hostage by a psycho serial killer. To make sure no one hears your screams, he has taken you back to his old, dingy house, …

2-8 participants 60 mins 40%
St. Charles

DaVinci’s Workshop

While away working on his latest invention, DaVinci received word via carrier pigeon that thieves were en route to ransack his home. Upon hearing t …

2-10 participants 60 mins. 36%

Diamond Heist

Your team will have sixty minutes to escape the room by quickly solving puzzles and uncovering the path leading directly to the giant diamond to ge …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 32%
St. Charles

Electric Chair

Your friend has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Your crew must rescue him before he is executed by the electric chair! You must fir …

2-10 60 mins 32%

Elf Escape

The engine that makes the sleigh fly without Christmas spirit is on the fritz again. While your Buddy works tirelessly to fix the engine as fast as …

2-8 participants 60 mins. 21%
St. Louis

Secret Society

While researching an ancient secret society, you discover that little did you know, they were researching YOU too. While you were walking down the …

2-12 participants 60 mins 31%
St. Louis

The Castle

Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. It is your mission to gain access to the castle, make a sleeping …

2-12 60 mins 32%
St. Charles

The Shed

The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances here in the back woods of Arkansas. While on your way t …