Top Reasons for Fun & Unique Team Building at an Escape Room

Fun team building activities foster collaboration and can lead to innovation in your workplace. But sometimes it’s hard to find a fun and unique experience that your colleagues and employees would actually WANT to do. That’s where the unique escape room experiences at Mastermind Room Escape come in. We’re here to help you.

Take time out of your weekly routine to ensure your team is communicating clearly and moving forward together as a team. Not only is our team building great to increase communication, innovation, and teamwork regularly, but team activities can also serve as a time to celebrate recent accomplishments or just to have some much-needed fun!

At Mastermind Room Escape, we offer a fun and unique team building experience for all your co-workers to boost their work performance with handy conference rooms and catering available.

Work Together as a Team to Escape

Escape rooms are, by nature, a group activity. In fact, escaping the room requires the entire group to work together.

Escape rooms are a series of puzzles you have to piece together in order to solve the whole room. And in this fun activity, you’ll be in a themed room, professionally built by hand, including the clues, to help you complete the mission.

Choose from 8-10 different themes depending on the time of year. (If you love Christmas, we have Christmas-themed rooms November - January). We also offer mirror-competition rooms for larger groups that want to split into two teams and complete the same exact puzzles while competing with each other.

No matter the theme you choose, your group will have to work together to escape in under an hour.

Avoid “Forced” Activities

Many team building activities are specifically made for the corporate environment. That’s fine but it’s not fun and it often leads to everyone feeling forced “to have fun.” Escape rooms bring everyone out of the office environment and into a game.

Instead of the office, everyone gathers in a room for an hour of problem-solving fun where no matter what age, gender, department, personality, etc., you can’t help but collaborate to solve the intriguing puzzles and riddles inside the clue. It’s a truly unique experience.

No one enjoys being forced to trust someone. Most places have tried a variety of team building games and activities. We’ve completed our fair share of ice breaker activities, networking events, potlucks, and group lunches. Boring.

Escape rooms offer something a little different each time you complete one  - a unique and fun experience. And they are quickly rising to be one of the top team building activities.

Reveal Hidden Skills

Much like clues reveal the next piece of the puzzle in your escape room, you might even learn something new about your colleagues by escaping a room. Perhaps they have a knack for solving riddles or catching patterns for decoding ancient letters with a cipher. Or maybe Karen, who is really quiet in the office, takes more of a leadership role under the pressure of the time clock.

Team building groups often comment that they learned something new about one of their co-workers. Sometimes it just takes a little fun to uncover those hidden talents, we guess!

Unique Team Building with Catering

Escape rooms offer flexibility when it comes to the time you would like to commit to team building. If you’re only doing an escape room, all rooms each take up to an hour to complete.

We have up to 8 rooms at each location so you can run multiple rooms simultaneously, depending on your group size, as only a certain amount of people can go in each room at a time.

We also have conference rooms and catering available at both locations (downtown St. Louis & St. Charles). An escape room plus catered lunch or dinner is great for a half a day team building experience.

When you’re ready to book with us for your next team building experience visit our groups page for more information and to contact us to schedule your event. We’ll make sure everything is handled for you. We love taking pictures of all our groups whether they escape or not. And we’re happy to set-up catering and rent out our conference rooms to make the most of your fun and unique team building experience.