Corporate Team Building in St. Louis

St. Louis, MO, has a lot to offer you when you're seeking corporate team building. Corporate team building in St. Louis options range from professional multi-day retreats to significantly more casual events; there is a range of corporate team building activities to choose from in the area.

Office life has become more casual in recent years. Daily collaboration has become the norm and requires people to build trust and maintain strong relationships with office colleagues.

Corporate offices are included in a more casual work environment. Everyone still knows when “The Big Boss” is in town, but there’s more of a focus on creativity and innovation. Strategies to maintain healthy leadership pathways aren’t as traditional as they once were. Now, leadership is defined more by relationships between co-workers.

The focus on relationships is good for the local St. Louis team building community. As the leader of a team-building activity or outing, you can choose from bonding experiences, casual get-togethers, in-office events, off-site retreats, company parties, and more.

At Mastermind Room Escape, we host company parties (with an escape room twist!) and casual team building experiences at our locations in St. Louis and St. Charles. Both sites have conference rooms, and catering is available onsite. Plus, there are always games and puzzles within arms reach to have fun.

Casual Yet Corporate

Casual team building activities allow the space for bonding while people enhance skills such as communication and problem-solving. Sometimes, by immersing yourself in a new environment, you see your office environment or current work challenge differently. With this clarity, you can more easily identify solutions. 

Top Reasons to Choose Casual Activities for Corporate Team Building

  • Team members appear stuck in a rut
  • Challenges are outpacing problem-solving
  • New members joined an existing team
  • The team needs to experience ‘a win’ to keep going on a project
  • Strengthen relationships and build trust
  • It’s time to celebrate a team accomplishment

If you read that list and you’re thinking to yourself, “That’s us, that’s my team,” then it’s time to break free of the office for some team building. 

Contact us a call at Mastermind Room Escape, and we’ll help you create the best casual team-building experience possible for your team in downtown St. Louis or St. Charles. Reserve a conference room before and after the fun with catering options available. If your team likes friendly competition, reserve our head-to-head rooms where two groups compete to see who escapes first.