Taken - A New Exciting Escape Room

At Mastermind Room Escape, we design, create and execute all of our escape rooms from scratch. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in sharing our experience writing clues, placing props, and overseeing escape rooms. We're proud to introduce you to our newest exciting escape room, Taken. This is a medium to a hard level rated escape room, and it requires some physical effort for a short time to play.

Taken Escape Room Scenario

You and your friends arrive at your vacation destination ready for a bit of rest and relaxation. At the airport, you're feeling good, and you accept a free ride from what appears to be a kind stranger. But now, you awaken in a drug-induced groggy state in a strange warehouse. You've been taken! Every fear related to the thought of being kidnapped and trafficked runs through your body. You know from all the crime shows and movies that you've watched it is imperative to quickly escape before they take you to the next location.

Your captors are part of a well-organized and sinister international crime ring. At the moment, they're deciding what to do with your group. Organ sales? Forced labor? Illicit duties? These are the usual markets they deal in as human traffickers. Your group must work together to escape before you're split up for new assignments across the globe.

Can You Escape This Exciting Escape Room Before It's Too Late?

Our newest escape room, Taken, is available in St. Charles. Although it's not overly creepy, it can be a bit unsettling. This escape room might be triggering for people suffering or who have suffered from trauma. Please watch our Taken Escape Room trailer video for what to expect. There are no spoilers in the video. On Saturdays, there is a minimum of 4 people required to play in this room, and up to eight people total are allowed to play. All rooms are private.

The Taken escape room requires some physicality for a short period. The setting is an old warehouse, and again, it can be unsettling but is not creepy.

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