Fun Family Activities for Winter

Cold weather doesn't have to damper your fun family activities for winter. You can always come to Mastermind Room Escape for fun. We have a variety of escape rooms that are excellent for family outings. When not running an escape room, we like to check out other St. Louis and St. Charles family activities. With all the fun we've been having around town, we thought we'd share a few other activities with you.

J. Scheidegger Center for Arts at Lindenwood University

The J. Scheidegger Center for Arts at Lindenwood University provides high-quality entertainment. You can catch international and national performers on tour while in the USA. Equally entertaining are local live performances. There's a show for everyone at the J. Scheidegger Center for Arts. Check out the list of upcoming events here.

St. Louis Ambush

We are lucky to have so many local sports options, but one that is often overlooked that shouldn't be is St. Louis Ambush. Sure, they've been here for over a decade, but who doesn't love to see professional soccer players win a game?

Fete de Glace - Ice Carving Competition

Did you know St. Charles hosts an ice carving competition? Fete de Glace is happening on February 28, 2023. You can check out this page for the latest updates. We're right around the corner, so feel free to warm up while you try to escape!


Host to over 30 unique interactive exhibits, Myseum is the perfect place to stay warm this winter. We like the Dino Dig and Glo-Shapes. Myseum is located in the Lamp & Lanter Shopping Village.

St. Louis Science Center

It's unbelievable that entry to this museum is free, but it is. With laser light shows, rotating exhibits, and so much to explore, this museum has everything to keep everyone in your family entertained all day. Plus, you can learn about our hero Dr. Jane Goodall this winter!

DIY Outdoor Adventure

Skiing, ice skating, sledding at a local park, and even dog sledding are all possible in our local community. When the time is right, choose what activity you want to do and do it.

Escape Room

Don't forget about Mastermind Room Escape. We're conveniently located, and you can make reservations online or contact us, so we're ready for you upon arrival.

About Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind Room Escape is a locally owned family business started by escape room enthusiasts. Mastermind has built eleven unique escape rooms, including competition rooms. From date night to corporate events, Mastermind is here to challenge you...can you escape?