Date Night at the Escape Room

Here’s why you should go to an escape room for date night.

Escape rooms are for adventurous couples looking for a fun and interactive date night. Escaping from The Castle or going on a sport-themed quest or saving the Mona Lisa are all exciting date night activities.

When you’re looking for a date that is fun, unique, safe and interactive, you can come to Mastermind Room Escape. Our rooms are built by hand by us. We strive to design clues that are challenging and require interaction. This means you and your date have to depend on each other to escape room.

You can join with other couples to play in the same room. This means you can focus on each other while also enjoying the fun of a group activity. This is a great first date opportunity where you are just getting to know each other. Rather than awkward introductions and small talk, you can meet friends and jump right into escaping the room. We promise you’ll have plenty to talk about after escaping!

Here are the top reasons we recommend Mastermind Room Escape:

  1. Escape Room Are Interactive - Skip the small talk and jump right into solving challenging and adrenaline pumping clues so you can escape together. You can learn a lot about someone when you’re locked in a room together! (Okay, spoiler, you’re not actually locked in there together but you do need each other to escape.)
  2. Good Value for a Date Night - Dating can be an expensive activity. At Mastermind, you’ll get a great experience at a reasonable cost that you can plan for ahead of time. The cost is $28 per person, except for special holiday rooms where prices are sometimes higher.
  3. Make Memories Together - When you go through a shared experience with someone it sticks with you. You’ll be solving clues together and spending an hour concentrating on escaping the room. We even take a photo after you escape your room so you’ll have a keepsake!
  4. Communication and Interaction That Can’t Be Avoided - Here’s the thing with escape rooms, you have to work together to solve clues. Communicating literally can’t be avoided. You also don’t need to find topics to discuss. There’s no small talk for people new to dating. There’s no searching for something new to discuss for all those old, happy couples.

As you can see, Mastermind Room Escape is your ideal next date. We have two locations, downtown St. Louis and St. Charles. When your date goes well, grab a bite to eat at one of our recommended locations nearby.