Things Couples Can Do in St. Louis

What Can Couples Do in St. Louis?

St. Louis area has plenty to offer residents and visitors on a date night. Beyond the Gateway Arch lays an array of things couples can do in St. Louis. These activities are suitable for married couples, group dates and first dates.

Low-Cost Date Night Activities for Couples in STL

As a couple, you're looking for something fun to do together that isn't going to break the bank. If you're on a first date, you might want to impress someone by escaping a room or rock climbing. Or maybe a group date is a better way to reconnect as a couple and with your friends. Whatever you choose, enjoy one of these low-cost things couples can do in St. Louis.

Escape Room

Avoid the movie night rut by escaping a room. Escape rooms are a fun thing couples can do because you have to work together to escape the room. No cell phones allow, just good communication and fun solving challenging clues.

Mastermind Room Escape has two locations. One location is in downtown STL and one is in St. Charles. Mastermind has the most variety of rooms in the area and is the #1 rated escape room on TripAdvisor. You can choose from a room like Creepy Lair or a period-room like DaVinci’s Workshop or a sports-themed room, Cardinals Quest. There are 10 fun and challenging rooms to choose from when you book online to reserve your spot. There’s really something for everyone.

Note: Escape rooms are good for couples and groups of up to 10 people.

Rock Climbing

When you’re hanging from a rope 30 feet off the ground you aren’t thinking about your phone. You're focused on the person helping you navigate the wall and providing support from below. Rock climbing is good for couples who enjoy physical activities. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to test how adventuresome someone is or challenge yourself, then rock climbing can be fun.

Note: There are several rock climbing gyms in the STL area. You might want to ask a friend to recommend the best spot for your date night or check out your favorite review site.

Game Night

People in St. Louis love a good community game night. From bingo night to board games to video games to virtual reality lounges there’s something for everyone. Taking in a game night allows you to talk to each other while being surrounded by people with similar interests.

Most game night locations have everything on hand in order to play the game. Just show up and play with your date. Don't forget snacks!

Note: Check local community boards to see what is available in the timeframe you’re planning your date. There’s always something new happening.

Free Activities for Couples in STL

You don't always need to spend money to do something fun as a couple. In St. Louis, there are plenty of free things for couples to do throughout the entire year.

Public Parks

Public parks are often overlooked when it comes to a location for a date night but they shouldn’t be. Public parks offer a variety of activities to challenge you and your date. And there is an abundance of public parks in the STL area; 108 parks are managed by the City of St. Louis!

You can take a hike or bike ride in a park. If you’re not feeling like a physical activity, you can always play your favorite game at a table ow discuss the latest news with each other while surrounded by the beauty of the park.

Note: Parks offer plenty of spots to have a picnic or just sit down on a blanket and enjoy the scenery. Plus, if you time your date night right, there might be live music as several music events are held in our local parks.

Free Live Music

St. Louis likes to celebrate holidays with free live music. You can find live music during the summer months in several local community parks. For example, during the 4th of July and Labor Day, there are several music events spread out across the area. Most are free but some you have to purchase tickets to enter the performance area. During these major holidays and year-round, it's typical for local restaurants and bars to have free music.

Note: Live music is available year-round in STL so check out local event boards to see who is performing.

Your Date Night in STL

Whatever date night activity you choose, we at Mastermind Room Escape hope you have a terrific time. Your ideal date night adventure awaits!